Plan, organize, share, collaborate together

Veelist provides the best possible solution for users on a mobile device to
create a list, share it with their friends or team members, stay up to date, and communicate
on the way to completion of the items on the list.

Add Items

Veelist allows you to add as many items or tasks your list. Each user is then allowed to change the status of the items to complete or incomplete. The said items
then displays the name of the the user who has changed the status of an item, and the timestamp as to when the item was completed. All the members of this list
then receive a notification informing them about the change in status of each item, keeping all the members upto date towards making their goal a reality.

Plan for any
Plan for any

Admin privileges

When you create a list the app provides you with admin privileges, that allow only the list admin
to change the title of the list, and to delete items from the list.

Plan for any
Plan for any

Start conversations

To stay connected with all your friends and team mates start conversations within Veelist. Leave comments and
feedback, or ask a question for improved communication. By clicking on an item, you may also provide added
details about each item to your fellow list members.

Plan for any
Plan for any

You’ll also enjoy a host of additional free features including:

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