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Veelist is a simple tool that allows you the flexibilty to use it in anyway you wish. You will get to lay out all that needs to be done, you will know when it's done, who has done it, and you get to decide whether it's really done or not. Every update made by list members is saved instantly on the cloud, and the app simultaneously notifies all the members of the list, that way everyone stays updated as progress takes place.

Organize any plan

With Veelist app on your phone you can involve your social network in achieving any plan in an organized and efficient way. The added chat functionality provides an excellent way to communicate with your fellow list members within Veelist.

Plan for any
Plan for any

Collaborate with Anyone

With Veelist, you can create lists to organize anything you are planning on. You can use the app to invite colleagues, friends, and family to your shared lists such as: A gift list for a mutual friend, a shopping list for group dinner, a check list for a family vacation, a movie list with your friends, or a grocery list with your loved one.

Collabrate with any where

Ease of Use

The app’s ease of use, and instant cloud availability allows all list members to do their part, lay back and follow the progress towards a mutual goal.

Once the app is downloaded all features are free to use. No ads, no subscription fees, and no in-app purchases.

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